Grey Danang

23 December

Hi peeps and greetings from Siem Reap, Cambodia! I've now been traveling Asia for 2.5 weeks, and it's almost the end of my solo-travels - on the 25th I'll be flying back to Thailand to visit a friend and then I'll have friends flying over from Europe to travel with me until I fly back home to Finland! It has been soooo much fun despite me being very nervous about it beforehand, and I've met so many amazing people during my time. I can 100% recommend traveling solo - it has definitely forced me out of my comfort zone and made me more confident as a person. Approaching people isn't always easy but when you're alone you just gotta do it! I can't wait to travel again with friends though, and constantly have someone to share the experiences with! 

Anyways, a little throwback to my Danang-time in this post! I wasn't originally planning on visiting Danang as it didn't seem too special a city, but since my friend was doing her internship there, I decided to pay her a visit and thus started my 2-week Vietnam journey from there! I stayed in Danang from Friday the 8th until Sunday evening the 10th of December.

I personally wasn't a huge fan of Danang as a city - to be honest, it was the only place in Vietnam I visited and really did not enjoy too much - it was just another bland and grey Asian city. During the summer I bet it is a lot better since you can also enjoy the beach, however when I visited it was quite chilly (hoodie & leggings weather), so I just skipped the beach entirely (except for a quick shot). After some scootering around we did manage to find some special spots that I would definitely recommend! 

I stayed at Barney's backpacker hostel for two nights (6€ per night), and would recommend it a 100%!! I arrived at the hostel and they already knew my name - something that I have never encountered in a hostel before. The staff was just simply amazing and gave me such a good first impression of Vietnamese people. A shoutout to Amy and Hailey who were so welcoming and took me to a local (insane!!!) market and the movies (Coco, it was amazing!) on my first day. 

In the evening I met up with Hellen, who had her last day of internship on the 8th. We ended up going to Wanderlust, a really cool cocktail bar with great staff, great cocktails and a nice design! Afterwards we headed out to check out some night clubs of Danang, which was definitely an interesting experience for me, since I was literally the only non-asian in the first club - apparently Danang is a popular travel destination amongst Koreans and Japanese people.

Next morning we jumped on Hellen's scooter and headed towards the Marble Mountains, one of the main tourist locations in Danang. It surprised me by being a really interesting place with a magical atmosphere (let the pictures do the talking!). Since we had a bunch of energy left afterwards, we decided to continue to the Monkey Mountains where Hellen lived, and check out some spots that she hadn't previously. I loved the Monkey Mountains. The weather was literally perfect so we managed to get some amazing shots. We also encountered a bunch of monkeys, and one even attacked Hellen on the scooter! (It was funny because seconds before I had asked Hellen if I should be scared of the monkey and then suddenly it was jumping on her).

After the long day of scootering around we went for really nice Vietnamese dinner and ice cream served in a coconut. Hellen's Japanese friend Saki joined us and we just played cards for ages until we were ready to pass out.

On Sunday morning I woke up early and hit the gym (damn I was proud of myself!). It was called VPT Club Fitness & Yoga Danang and only cost me 30,000 Dong (approx. 1,1€). The staff members were really surprised to see me there so I assume there aren't too many Western customers, but anyways the gym was great and cheap and did the job so I was more than happy. After the gym I hopped on a scooter and headed again towards the Monkey Mountains to Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. After 5 months of working, Hellen had earned herself and a friend a free Sunday brunch at the hotel. And oh my goodness was it amazing!!! Probably one of the best meals of my life (although buffets are terrible since I always end up eating too much...) and they also played amazing live music throughout the entire brunch. Afterwards Hellen showed me around the hotel, which was just insanely beautiful. As a hotello I find visiting other hotels extremely interesting, and this hotel in particular was just something different - it felt more like an amusement park than a hotel!

That was my Danang-time in a nutshell! After visiting Intercon, we headed towards the next destination, Hoi An, which I will write more about in my next post.
Have a great day xx Ella

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