Hectic Bangkok

14 December

Greetings from Hoi An, Vietnam! My time in Koh Samui eventually came to an end, but now I get to travel around South-East Asia for 1.5 months, so I'm definitely not complaining! I will write a post about Koh Samui soon now that I actually have time again, and share some tips about the top spots to visit, as I believe after 5 months I am somewhat an expert of Koh Samui, haha.

On Wednesday the 6th I started my traveling journey from Bangkok. I had heard some mixed comments about Bangkok beforehand, but to be honest I really enjoyed my time there (although my god the traffic was horrendous, just as bad as people had told me! Just crossing two streets took me 10 minutes) It was great to be in a big city again after 5 months on a tropical island. I stayed at a hostel called Bed Station Hostel, which was definitely the nicest hostel that I had ever visited before! It cost around 300 baht (around 7,80€) for a bunk bed, which I thought was quite reasonable considering the great location, really comfortable bed with curtains, and free breakfast (toast, cereal and fruit). I did not spend too much time in the hostel since I had only two days to explore Bangkok, but there was a nice communal area with bean bags, a Playstation and a bunch of books, and the atmosphere felt quite nice and sociable.

I decided to do my shopping on the arrival day, as I wanted to stay around the area for my check-in at 2pm. I first headed to Platinum, which is a huge shopping center with 6 levels (?) selling pretty much everything for very cheap. I had a look around but did not end up buying anything from there, but in case you wish to find clothes with a very affordable price, Platinum is the place to go to! 
Afterwards I headed to check out all the Siam shopping malls, and went a bit too crazy with my shopping... Bangkok really is a shopping paradise! 

I also checked out the Sea Life Aquarium to pass time before meeting up with a friend, as couple of my guests from my hotel recommended it to me. It cost me 900 baht (23 euros), which I thought was quite pricey. I probably should not have spent all that money on it considering I am on a travel budget... I enjoyed it but it was not worth the money for me.
Later I met up with a friend, had some Thai food at a food court and afterwards headed to Caturday Cat café! I randomly spotted it on the street, and as a cat lover I just could not not go! It was the cuuutest spot, and their blueberry and vanilla tea was yummy (the desserts also looked incredible but I was desperately trying to stay healthy...)! The cats of course were adorable but unfortunately did not really enjoy being petted.

I was supposed to do the proper sight-seeing on my second day, but things did not turn out too good... Being the clumsy person that I am, I managed to break my phone when I was half asleep. And instead of just breaking the screen, the phone got broken underneath with ink spreading all over the screen. Therefore instead of heading to the Grand Palace early in the morning as I had planned, I had to go buy a new phone instead as I did not want to go solo-traveling without a working phone (I'm a 100% dependent on google maps, lol). So I went and splurged on a new phone and lost a massive amount of my travel budget...(damn spending that money hurt my soul! But at least I know have a phone with a great camera to take photos with during my travels!)

Only after meeting up with a school mate I headed towards the Grand Palace. I wish I could have gone there in the morning and had a bit more time to explore with less tourists (!!!), but it was still a nice experience. Remember to cover your shoulders and wear a long bottom part as well, otherwise they will not allow you to go in, and buying clothes from there is very pricey as they try to rip tourists off. Also I am not sure if you're allowed to wear flipflops in the area, because they forced some people with flipflops to leave the queue (however I saw many people with sandals inside the area?). The price for the Grand Palace was 500 baht (13€), although I believe you can get a ticket for a bit cheaper online.

In the evening I met up with a friend again and then headed back to the hostel to get all packed up since I had an early flight to Vietnam! I wish I would have had a bit more time to explore, but at least there's a reason to come back! Next time I definitely want to check out Ayutthaya, the infamous Khao San road, and the floating markets.

Anyways, I am currently being eaten alive by mosquitoes, so I think it's time to finish for the day! Next off I'll write about my experiences in Danang and Hoi An! :) 

Have a great day!  ♡

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